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  Date 5/12/2020  
  Location Webinar using Zoom Meeting platform. An email with a link to the webinar will be sent one day prior to the class.  
  Time 9:30am-11:45am (virtual room will open at 9:20am)  
  Credit 2 TCHs will be awarded to those who attend 100% of the course. NHDES water credit approved.  
  Cost Free: Due to Covid-19, GSRWA is temporarily waving training fees.  
  Lunch There will be no lunch break.  
  Registration Please register before 10:00am on Monday, May 11th.  
  Instructor(s) Scott Fitzgerlad (F.W. Webb), Brett Johnson (Clow Valve)  
  Agenda Rain falls from the sky so the assumption goes that water is free. But, clean drinking water has costs – costs of collecting, costs of treating and costs of delivery. Water meters are used to measure the flow of water from a source and keep a record of water supply usage. This data is critical for fairness in billing and for strategic planning of increased infrastructure. The first half of the training will provide information on: traditional metering technology, ultrasonic metering technology (how it works, benefits, and accuracy), ultrasonic meter register, EPA study on leaks, effect of accuracy on revenue and consumption, and on the benefits of ultrasonic meters with AMR/AMI.
The second half of the training will introduce the recent advancement of intelligent hydrants. Intelligent Hydrants have within them technologies that assist in running water systems while helping with initiatives such as optimizing pressure, identifying transients, reducing energy costs, detecting actual water temperature, reducing non-revenue water, and assisting with leak detection. This technology can be retrofitted to fit existing fire hydrants, or a new fire hydrant can be purchased with the technologies already installed. Intelligent hydrants constantly monitor pressures and temperatures and sends alerts via text message or email via cellular technology.
  Additional Information  
  Contact us today for technical assistance or training. Pre-registration is required for all training courses. You will only be notified if the class is cancelled.

Certificates are handed out at the end of each class. It is the responsibility of the operator to maintain their record keeping for license renewal. If a certificate is to be replaced there is an administrative fee of $15 for members for the first certificate, $5 for each additional certificate, and $25 for non-members for the first certificate, $10 for each additional certificate.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, please contact GSRWA in writing at least three business days prior to the day of the course, or be charged a $30 late cancellation fee. If you do not attend the course and do not contact GSRWA, you will be charged a “No Show” fee equal to the original course registration fee. The No Show fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Written refunds/credits will be considered for special circumstances provided that the request is received within two weeks of the training date.

Do you have a certain topic of training you would like to have at your own location? We can bring training to you on any water and wastewater topic you request. Contact or phone 603-756-3670 x4 for more information.

Any Questions, please contact GSRWA at (603) 756-3670 x 4.




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